Micah Godbolt

Launch Early, Iterate Often

After months of sitting on an updated Godbolt.me, I finally decided that today was the day to stop hiding in my MAMP install and get it out there. I know it's not perfect, I know there is much more I plan to do with it. But as any startup will tell you, get your product out there, get feedback, and then iterate. So that's the plan. Just enough functionality to not look like a total fool, and plenty of room to grow!

I have a lot of goals for this blog. As the web developer at iQ Credit Union, in the process of developing an entirely brand new site, I'm learning a ton about the creative and development process in a large organization. We'll be building the site in Drupal (which is why I chose Drupal for this blog as well). I've often found myself solving a challenge while building this blog only to be able to take that right to work and bust out the same feature in no time. So this blog will be place to capture those challenges, victories, dilemmas, frustrations and occasional brilliant ideas.

Also, as a freelance developer, I need a place to start building a portfolio, discus my github projects and show off my codepens. Plus, all the cool kids are doing it, right?

So, that's enough to write for today. I've got a ton of work to do, and I'll be sure to write about all of it as I do it. If I actually have comments working feel free to say hello. If they aren't working, well that's one more thing for my list!